Tomoé Hill

Many-hatted editor at Minor Literature[s] August 2015-December 2019, associate editor at Dodo Ink, February 2016-February 2017, and half of the XX & XY review duo at The Amorist.

List of publications & relevant work


Essay: Inheritance is Silence, Trauma: Art as a response to mental health (anthology—editors Thom Cuell and Sam Mills), Dodo Ink, June


Essay: Are Made Of, Empty Mirror, April

Essay: Pilgrimage, We’ll Never Have Paris (anthology—editor Andrew Gallix), Repeater Books, May

Essay: Oval Window, Azimuth (anthology—editor Patrick Farmer), Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University, May

Essay: Scent Markings, Lapsus Lima, May

Review: Death Mort Tod, Music & Literature, July

Autofiction: 54 Rue de Seine, Fur-Lined Ghettos, July issue #9

Autofiction: Orgasm Addict, Love Bites (anthology; also co-editor along with Andrew Gallix and C.D. Rose), Dostoyevsky Wannabe, September

Essay: Galen’s Heart, Burning House Press, September

Essay: Erotica: A Liminal Manual, Lapsus Lima, September

Autofiction excerpt: Orgasm Addict (from the Love Bites anthology), The Quietus, September

Excerpts from unpublished memoir: Normal/Hunger (illustrated six-part collaboration with Yanina Spizzirri), Minor Literature[s], September-October

Visiting lecturer, Critical Reading (MA Writing) class at the RCA, London, October

Essay: Speak to Me of Love and I Will Speak to You of Wings, Airplane Reading, December


Micro-essay: Colourforms, Visual Verse, January

Essay: The End, Lunch Review, February

Review: Catalina, Minor Literature[s], April

Essay: Presence and Absence, RIC Journal, June

Essay: Paris, Taxes, Lapsus Lima, June

Essay: Read Angry: On Good Feminism and the Bad Reader, Queen Mob’s, July

Essay: Another Way of Seeing, 3:AM Magazine, December


Review: Trysting (co-written as part of XX and XY), Minor Literature[s], January

Review: To Begin at the Beginning, Minor Literature[s], January

Review: Nightjar, The City Story, January

Review: The Wolseley, The City Story, January

Review: Against Everything: On Dishonest Times(co-written with Thom Cuell), Minor Literature[s], Parts 1-5 between January-February

Essay: Fortnums Easter, The City Story, March

Review: Speak Gigantular, New Orleans Review, March

Review: Henry and June, (co-written as part of XX and XY), The Amorist, April

Review: Turkish Delight, The Amorist, April

Review: Story of O, (co-written as part of XX and XY), The Amorist, May

Review: Venus in Furs (co-written as part of XX and XY), The Amorist, June

Review: HKK, The City Story, June

Review: A Cup of Rage, The Amorist, June

Review: Ulysses, (co-written as part of XX and XY), The Amorist, July

Review: Duck and Waffle, The City Story, July

Review: Perfume at Somerset House, The Amorist, July

Review: Philosophy in the Boudoir, (co-written as part of XX and XY), The Amorist, August

Review: Madame Bovary, (co-written as part of XX and XY), The Amorist, September

Review: Les Liaisons dangereuses, (co-written as part of XX and XY), The Amorist, October

Review: Manon Lescaut, (co-written as part of XX and XY), The Amorist, November

Essay: Beauteous Box, Minor Literature[s], December


Essay: The Desire of the Senses: Sexual Chemistry and Biology in Nausicaa, Berfrois, January

Essay: Scent and Memory: An Olfactory Life, Numéro Cinq, January

Review: I’m Very Into You: Correspondence 1995-1996 (co-written as part of XX and XY), Minor Literature[s], February

Review: Nicotine, New Orleans Review, February

Essay: Please Don’t Touch the Bottles, The City Story, April

Review: Chelsea Physic Garden, The City Story, April

Essay: Pen & Eliot, The City Story, May

Essay: The Electric Peacock, The City Story, May

Essay: The Beating Heart, 3:AM Magazine, May

Review: The Transmigration of Bodies, Minor Literature[s], May

Essay: Apple and Pear Trees, Numéro Cinq, May

Review: The Black Curve (co-written as part of XX and XY), Minor Literature[s], June

Essay: Haute Sucre, The City Story, May

Essay: A Place to Breathe, The City Story, May

Review: St John, The City Story, June

Review: Beastlife, Minor Literature[s], August

Review: A Terrace in Rome, The Quarterly Conversation (defunct, review now links within this site), October

Review: Donostia, The City Story, October

Review: The Jugged Hare, The City Story, October

Review: I’d Like to Thank Manchester Air RiflesBerfrois, November

Review: The Existential Flâneuse: In the Café of Lost Youth, Minor Literature[s], December

Review: Balthazar, The City Story, December


Essay: My Bones Are London, Minor Literature[s], April

Review: No Moon, Minor Literature[s], August

Review: F.M.R.L., Minor Literature[s], September

Review: Philosophical Toys, Minor Literature[s], September

Review: Walter Benjamin’s Archive, Minor Literature[s], November

Review: Grow a Pair (co-written as part of XX and XY), Minor Literature[s], November

Review: Pond, Minor Literature[s], November